26 abril 2011

A Visit From The Easter Bunny

Hey there!

The flats and the nail polish are my most recent purchases. The flats are just adorable and I really needed a black pair since the other two I own, are damaged and/or have gotten looser and are now too big for my feet. So, since I cannot live without a pair of black flats, I bought these. They are super comfy, they go with pretty much everything and they were cheaper then I expected them to be.

Lately, I've been kinda obcessed with Alexa Chung style and I decided to buy this purple varnish that she has been seen wearing and that I adore.
The book "Style Diaries" was a Easter present from my godmother (whose also my aunt). I had already seen the book before in a book store , but I didn't want to spend the money on the book since money's a bit tight. So, thank you so much Tia Luisa. You're the best!

I spent my Easter with my family in the grandparents' farm and I enjoyed it very much. I ate so much chocolate and sponge cake (pão-de-ló). I have what you call a sweet tooth.. :-P
Unfortunately, I had to came back home sooner than the rest of the family because I had to study for today's exam (which didn't went so well..).

How was your Easter break? Did you have fun? What's your favourite Easter dish?


15 abril 2011

14 abril 2011

Young Alexa Chung

I found this video of younger Alexa Chung. When I saw it on youtube, I realised I had already seen the ad on television a few years ago, but I didn't knew Alexa back then and I didn't make the connection.
It's a funny ad. Enjoy it?

Kinga Rajzak - the Cover Girl of Elle Czech May 2011

Personally, I don't like the shape of the dress, as it isn't very flattering. However I posted this cover because I love the pattern that they used for the word ELLE. It is perfect for the May issue since it is a such a vernal month.
kingacover Kinga Rajzak for <em>Elle Czech</em> May 2011 (Cover)

13 abril 2011

Blanco "Colour Splash" Summer Campaign

I've always liked Blanco and this collection hasn't let me down. I really like the colours and most of the clothes. What do you think? Do you like it as well?

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain!"

Yesterday, I was part of the organization team of a volunteering fair at college. Even though I didn't do that much (I had to be present in two activities which I will talk next and I had to look after a space where there were sofas, a computer and other things), I was there the whole afternoon.
The first activity that I took part partly for the lack of people present and the need to be some people watching and also because I always wanted to know more about First Aid Assistance. It was so much fun.
Then I was at a kind of chat about national and international volunteering work. There were three speakers whose stories were inspiring.
However, today I received a phone call from a member of a group from college asking me about a missing remote. And I have no idea where it is, since I haven't seen it since the middle of the afternoon. :S I hope they find it or we're in trouble.

11 abril 2011

A Breeze of Warm Air

Today I wore for the first time in months a mini skirt with bare leggs. It felt so weird. But it's something that is very easy to get used to. The only bad thing about spring is that I have to wax my leggs more often, which is a bummer.. :P

This afternoon I went to the gym and did cycling. The class was at least intensive and you may say I didn't look very attractive when I left. I was kinda soaked. I hate it but I need to go back to shape. But I don't really expect to do so in a short period of time, I'm not really a diet person. I'm just going to avoid eating my beloved candies, eat less fat and go to the gym twice a week. Since I've started college, I've gained four kilos. (Yes, I know, quite a lot).

Now, something much more interesting: in four days, and one more test to go, Easter holidays are going to begin!

Risqué Colour Simulator

I was surfing through Risqué website and I found a nail polish simulator. Which is a great thing if you're not sure how a nail polish will look on you. You can choose a skin tone that is similar to yours and then try on different colours.
These are two colours that I intend to use this Spring.

The thing that I like about this brand is that it has a big variety of colours and it's very cheap.